Alternative Careers For Doctors What Are Some Alternatives To Becoming A Primary Care Doctor?

What are some alternatives to becoming a primary care doctor? - alternative careers for doctors

I wanted a doctor for a long time, but since I do not seem to dig into more job opportunities, an ideal career for me. Apparently, physicians now spend more time with paperwork than patients (according to U.S. News). Although this does not bother me the paperwork, I would keep healthy people and people with too _interact_ often. I do not know doctors prescribe painkillers that they do not know the cause of the problem. What are the career options for me?


wunderbr... said...

You and I have much in common. Please listen, please, please, what I say. I just finished my first year and less than 5% chance that I will never be finished and you move to an MD.
If you want to help people, there are several ways to achieve an equivalent or better effect than I would do as a doctor. I start a foundation, the nonprofit, research on childhood cancer and also benefit. When you come so far in training, you are very bright and resourceful, so have no problem standing head and shoulders above the crowd, what you do.
If you want to earn money, the doctor is not the right way (unless you go and specialize, you can in a highly competitive field such as dermatology, plastic surgery, etc..) Remember, a fact that finding the Life is so different now compared to 30 years for a doctor.
Just a few statistics that I found when I made the decision. Average cost for the life of doctors by 7% over the same period of time than almost all other occupations declined to pay has increased. From January nextAry, Medicare will reduce the amount they pay to doctors by 40%. This is important because 1 / 3 of patients that should be covered by Medicare. Another red flag is that 57% of doctors say their children are not absolute, a career in medicine. And another dose of reality is that the United States the only major country that has changed is not socialized medicine, is ... Do the research ... In short: This is good for patients (type), but bad for the doctors. I would be surprised if we socialized medicine 15 years from now, if not before.
I know I may sound bitter and / or very negative .... I have to make many good friends who will make good doctors, and some of them a good life. I am simply saying that it is not what it was.
Let me end this incoherent nonsense, that I with the medicine of the 6th possessed was, and I'm not good in my first year (at the medical school better than average), but not top class. But before you spend 4 years training and more importantly his time as a profession is very sure that you are not in it (the money cuz it is elsewhere) or satisfied because of the 9 doctors with whom I spoke are sufficient to do I close my concerns are real, have only two told me they are very happy.
Hope this helps. I have found in both directions before I was 1 years looked after me ... learn from my mistakes.

Soooooo .... I read your question and decided to answer the question, in reality, rather than to wander. There are many things to do. Any type of research would be well suited, a chemist. Start as an assistant to earn $ 14 per hour and hope that a team have committed and earn $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 per year.
A good alternative is to continue to pharmaceutical / medical sales. You still get to help the people and be part of a larger good, while earning between $ 60,000 and $ 90,000 per year right away. (By the way, you do not pay for malpractice insurance, or on-demand!).
Would in all types of intelligence, enter the market and much betterRecords that the money of the basic service. Of course, it must be what you do well, but it is fairly easy, fairly quick to start and a turnover up when you have a good dealing with people you (probably you) to treat patients every day.
If you have questions about any of these or need further advice on the matter email. I want to give my opinion on this point because I was until a year ago.
Good luck!

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