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Milena Velba??? Do you guys know her??? - milena velba blogs free

Ok, so I did a search on breastfeeding, because I'm pregnant and do not know how the hell I'm on your website.Anyhow so you know what you will need to know what to say Im, about.Supposedly Natural 36 J and 37 years, she) is still single (not a joke. I mean, how is it that does not get a breast reduction, I know that most women want bigger breasts, but as the old saying "too much of something that is not good." Lol, the huge, they look like monsters me.Hopefully she has no children (all children). Is it possible that I might be able to respond? Must see to believe, showed me the site to share my friends and they decided to send a little money, so we can all her.But meet in Houston, TX So, how will invite your opinion, please send an e-mail, but havent received any reply send live --


Terri said...

The banana was a J cup natural, it can be. But I have a discount.

I am surprised that not once again been reduced, but perhaps it is like the attention her breasts to give him.

030609 said...

whos? And how can a natural D-Cup? sounds scary lol

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