More Wedgie Games Have You Ever Gotten A Wedgie?

Have you ever gotten a wedgie? - more wedgie games

After setting my friend whos a girl who could beat him in this game. The bet is that every time he lost wedgie you get 2 (one with a strap and the others wear regular pants) to see that the most affected. Our hands are duck legs stuck, so he could not resist. Of course I lost and I was wearing a bracelet that was my first wedgie. is duck tape and wrapped it around me. It did sooo bad. stayed off for 20 seconds then ..... I changed my underwear and formed a band. She went around me like 20 times with the band and even had my pink underwear that I got up and attatched to a hook on my door. that most hurts. She said she would go home and they hang me there in my underwear with a home person. Finally, the hook broke and I managed to escape before my parents came home. My back later.
What was your worst wedgie you've received?

best answer gets 10 points .... suerte =)


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