Myspace Sluts Msn Ex Problem, Please Read And Give Opinions?

Ex problem, please read and give opinions? - myspace sluts msn

I do not know whether to talk, my ex is what you should do.
I thought I would talk more after a month. appologised nothing for me to be (his words) with a puncture and after we separated. I learned that he lied to me know and I did not weed, which he was white. I suspect that he has lied about previous sexual partners and had. I threw around a lot when we parted, to say that I did not want to go and then talk to me.
Below us is on / off with friends for about 3 months, then stopped for a month. apologized and wants to remain friends. just talked to MySpace and MSN, but lives in the neighborhood. I've noticed has been in discussion with the dog gets to college as well and loves. How do I keep talking with him and try to remain friends? or should I contact all together?
Help me please


spam_fre... said...

Y end.

Tell him that you appreciate that he was trying to do things, but the link, because you just need time to heal.
Tell him if he cares about you at all, respect his decision.

You see, you know you're lying, why would you go out with him? There with him to his face, tell him you're sorry, but you disappeared.


Nafee said...

It's really up to you if you do not want to keep a relationship with him or. As you said, had already broken, not much count. But if you think it is not responsible for his friend, then walk.

suzie said...

Drama Drama Drama MOVE ON

Positive P said...

I hope you take the time to think before we act. I want the best.

Briseis said...

Drama. Therefore, not with my ex-boyfriends.
Cease all contact with him and keep walking.

HungLo said...

Cut the ties and move on. It's about trust, and whatever the topic. Also, I think you just heat and just before the end. The guys are like that.

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