Easy Grabber Video Driver I Use The Easy Grabber Audio/video Usb Stick 10195 But Cant Load Driver Says Sp2 Needed Already Have Sp3?

I use the easy grabber audio/video usb Stick 10195 but cant load driver says sp2 needed already have sp3? - easy grabber video driver

I try to load the driver from the installation CD of origin, but I get the message "requires SP2" I installed Service Pack 3 (the SP2 files), but the usual stuff .... allow the driver to no help as welcome in the morning at the end of my rope i need to install this access point for downloading from my analog camcorder


Psychic Computer Repair® PEBKAC said...

Link to the driver for SP3 on this website: http://www.agknordic.com/new/index.php?s ...

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