Magnavox 160gb Dvd Recorder Awesome Dvd & Hdd Dvr For Those Who Have The Magnavox 160GB DVD Recorder With Digital Tuner?

For those who have the Magnavox 160GB DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner? - magnavox 160gb dvd recorder awesome dvd & hdd dvr

I can not load any DVD drive. When I try, the menu is gray dubbing. I have many different films, including in other DVD recorders (which is sure to be over). My friend has the same problem. I called tech supp and they told me that all these films (including protection against copying of those who have burned w / local channels, I doubt ~ must have)
I can play DVDs on this computer and can be loaded onto the hard drive when you use another drive and the patch on the Magnavox. Help!


avomatic said...

You can copy files from DVD to the hard disk when they are recorded on the Magnavox himself or if the files in MPG format that few films are already registered are in VOB format, even if they finished.

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