Leather Cricket Ball What Type Of Leather Is A Cricket Ball Made Of?

What type of leather is a cricket ball made of? - leather cricket ball

Technically, the law 5, which includes not cricket ball that the ball may not have been made of leather:
http://www.lords.org/laws-and-spirit/law ...

Duke uses a leather ball harder than any of their SG or Kookaburra, and I know for a thicker skin, use a Kookaburra Red King.

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Cricket balls are made of a core of cork, which is wrapped in a thin layer and sewn with a leather case with slightly raised seams are covered. The deck consists of four pieces of leather shaped orange peel in quarters, but a hemisphere is 90 degrees to each other. The "Ecuador" ball is stitched with string to form the seam will be sewn with six stitches. The remaining two links remain between the leather pieces separated.

Sarah said...

Vaca likely.

Bingalee said...

Cowhide, as far as I know

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