You Are Beautiful Phim Online Why Are Women So Jealous Of The BEAUTIFUL Megan Fox?

Why are women so jealous of the BEAUTIFUL Megan Fox? - you are beautiful phim online

I like Megan! She is intelligent, honest, funny and get interesting roles in movies (now with Transformers the case). His interviews are really interesting, unlike other stars you see in magazines like Seventeen and Elle. In addition, she is a star who does not try to Twiggy United States, a subject dear to.

However, most women can say comments on photos of Megan, the quality is bad, rough and Skanky. Seriously, what the problem of women with Megan Fox?

It is not super thin and not overweight. It's perfect!


BeautyGi... said...

I'm sure it's not perfect, I'm sure he has faults, not all.
So it may not, because I think she thinks that every little problem you need to be repaired. As with breast surgery, the contributions of the lips, lift / botox, the nose of the CAP. not to mention she wears heavy makeup to cover everything.

She's fine. I do not hate it, but I love it.
Idk, it can as much as you want. It's just my opinion.
But there are also many women there who are as beautiful as she. So please waste their time not on them. I doubt it with someone who is not famous to go, and there are probably more 249285695698456949684956 and men who love them. Thus, leisure, there are really nice women there except her!

☮† brwnsugr †☮ said...

Nobody is perfect, but very pretty. I'm sure there are many women, the men crazy celebrities, but do not understand the stories.

I do not understand why girls are so angry, but the guys are competitive and too crazy idiot.

Emily F said...

Why are you jealous? Basically, to answer your question .... Ahes beautiful, intelligent and funny. What not to hate ;-)

Edit: and yes it is super thin .... Size 19 "

OmegaUlt... said...

Jealousy is in all men, or at least to a certain degree.
Some are willing to admit that some do not.
I personally think it is overrated a bit, and I am an individual.

Invincible ♥ -Taylor Swift Sucks said...

I do not think so. However, some other girls on the Yahoo! A really jealous. Seems to be a good person for me and I think it's a decent actress.

J.Cнєяяу said...

We are very jealous, and I am at least. Just annoying when people just talk, but to mention girls who are celebrities.

<333 said...

I like it.

avoirple... said...

Because women are catty as hell.

Megan Fox is fucking hot. All people think. No juices are not jealous, because you're not.

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