Studio Projects Vtb How Do I Open Visual Studio 2008 Projects/files In Visual Studio 2003?

How do i open visual studio 2008 projects/files in visual studio 2003? - studio projects vtb

Is this possible, because my school in 2003 and used, I use 2008, but when I try to open my project, which says it can not


dude said...

I'm not sure if VS 2008 opening. Sln in VS 2003 is supported scenario. However, it could be a way to change. SLN.
Having said this, I would say that VS 2008, a new language features VS2003. Therefore, if you have a VS2008 solution in VS2003, some language features (API) can not exist in VS2003 ..

You can try to download Visual Studio 2008 Express, which is your VS2008 project to be opened in the school .. VS2008 Express Edition has been very good and useful features to the IDE standard tasks such as debugging and IntelliSense.

Hope this helps!

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