Antibiotics For Gums Antibiotics Have Turned My Gums Dark!?

Antibiotics have turned my gums dark!? - antibiotics for gums

Ok, so I was put on minocycline in service from December 2008. I was there for 200 days. Meanwhile, I noticed that my gums were very dark ... a gray color. Online (Before I got on antibiotics, which have a normal pink color.) I read that minocycline is known to do, but I was not taking antibiotics, so I thought that the gray would return to normal on the pink, if I finished the course. It has now been about 6 (I think) months since I finished my pills. The color has improved somewhat, but is still remarkably rare dark. I really hate it!

And no, it is not genetic ... because it had the normal pink gums, and everyone in my family has pink gums.

I wonder .... will never be pink? It took months, and I begin to worry about ...


Ro said...

I've seen, and it seems that so rare that there are cosmetic change and discoloration of the gums, as usual, likely to disappear, requiring
"In this case report, approximately three to six percent of the long-term users of minocycline will dental develop color. This discoloration does not harm the teeth, bones and gums, but the reason behind the blackish-blue appearance of the gingiva. The periodontal bone may consist of minocycline therapy, and appear to show through the gums, which would discolor discolored, too. "

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