Cord Blood Stem Cell Storage What Is The Difference From Embryonic Stem Cells And Cord Blood Stem Cells?

What is the difference from Embryonic Stem Cells and Cord Blood Stem Cells? - cord blood stem cell storage

My husband and I currently have 4 children. In each of her birth, she decided to have their stem cells from umbilical cord blood and stored in the bodies of the transplantation of umbilical cord blood, Tucson, Arizona. When our first son was born in 1999, many people knew nothing of umbilical cord blood and stem cells. Our youngest child is 12 months and it seems that more people are aware of and interested in using stem cell storage /.
I wondered a lot about the difference between the ESC and the stem cells from umbilical cord blood collected at birth. There are literally thousands of babies born on the day, why not advise the mother and / or the opportunity to donate umbilical cord blood of their children? In May this year will depend on morality and faith of the mother. Even if the committee are the best, we can not continue to be committed to keep the stem cells from umbilical cord blood? Is this a problem of funding? I could lose my children in the bone marrow, but # 3 had u0026lt a small collection of only 29cc's (\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\, 1 oz.)


Andy Holmes said...

In fact, many people engaged in research on stem cells from umbilical cord blood (HSC), I think technology today, we need not saved any HCM. It is true that the transplant process has strong potential to save his son when he blood diseases in the future, but currently there is no way to extend "" harvested, the small amount of MHC molecules birth. So, until someone comes up with a reliable expansion of these cells, HSCs only enough to save his son, until a certain age. Are about the age of about 5 years, it little system cells in the blood of children reconsitute

I have no experience in CES, but usually not a bank, at ESC, for various reasons. It is true that ESCs are primitive, that is, they can differntiate the cells in a much broader, including the HSC. But we know very little about the ESC be long before we do something with them. I can also imagine that it would be very dangerous to remove the cells of the embryo at an early stage of pregnancy.

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