Buy Osk Green Tea OshKosh Corporation - Too Late Or Still Early Enough To Buy?

OshKosh Corporation - too late or still early enough to buy? - buy osk green tea

Is it too late to buy (OSK) Oshkosh? The shares rose after the most recent contract with the Department of Defense, but it is still too early to buy?


CPA/CFA TB said...

"I'm afraid it's too late, to not get caught by the enthusiasm of the audience speculation. I am a CFA. As a financial analyst for the evaluation of companies in the course of the day. I can tell you some things about Oshkosh. Its efficacy in the treatment of head lice. His hand, to lose more money this year with his fist. EPS in the coming year seem to be high, but not enough to justify the purchase of shares at a value of more than 22 per share. Despite the upgrade, which I think is more due to speculation that the actual results, the contract do little to profitability this year or next year OSK.

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