Fever Rashes On Cheek Baby Teething Is My 3 Month Old Teething?

Is my 3 month old teething? - fever rashes on cheek baby teething

My son just 3 months old. Signs of teething problems, but I think it is still too young for the teeth. Within 4 days, had a slight fever, loss of appetite, drooling, and a lot of bubbles, occasional diarrhea, is very confused, irritable and cries a lot. He did not sleep at all during the day, it was minutes from the dose for 15th is in most part of the bad temper or cry. He does not seem much better than I have of him. I hated the pacifier during the day, now he wants the whole day. He has a diaper rash and more stools per day. Before now, its 4.7 per day to 1-2. His cheeks are flushed and his chin is red. He is always chewing on his hands or a blanket. I know all the characters, but not too young? Each additional personany signs of him? Someone Else's Baby, the young when she started to teeth? Please only serious answers! Thank you!


Angey Pangey said...

Normal! All children are different, of course. My son has 1 tooth that very early, about 3 months came. He was drooling so much that his cheeks were red and had a little rash. Teething comes and goes with babies. My son is now 1 year and 4 months and only has 6 teeth. Your baby will go through a phase where the teeth grow and begin with the gums. Then the child is very irritable and uncomfortable. It seems a few days or a week. Then your baby for a while is good, then made another growth spurt. Absolutely nothing to worry about! If you really bothers you, the question of the doctor's visit next. Good luck!

Banana Pickle 224 said...

Teething causes diarrhea? Your !!!!!!! poor thing I hope you feel better soon !!!!!!!!! Tell him I said hello!

Amanda K said...

These are all signs of teething. My son was about 3 months when he started, childhood diseases, too. I also have a niece who is only 4 months and teething, so it is not uncommon for that to happen. I've heard that 7% of babies are actually born with a tooth or two, too!

luvly_in... said...

Yes, it sounds like teething. My son had 2 teeth 4 months old. 13 months and now has 7 teeth.

~Mumma~C... said...

Sounds like he is teething.
Not that young.
My son started teething at 3 months and not on their first tooth until 7 Month.
He played for a few days after returning to normal for 2-3 weeks, then play again ..

It's just a rollercoaster ride!
Enjoy it well, is one of many milestones your baby get too!

Ashley- Advocate for Christ said...

Yes, this is your child teething problems. You can start teething problems, but it could be months before the first tooth Orajel is doing trying baby, if your doctor says it's okay. Teethers will also help. Good luck!

Cough, I would bring him to the doctor. Not babies usually cough when teething. Could an infection, especially since he has diarrhea.

Expecting Little Boy #2!!! said...

My four months on Sunday, and I think he begins to teeth that have always chew their hands in their mouths, and toys, and he moves a lot and I think we were in the same situation! So I think it is normal to have children or strange! Just kidding Well, I have normal !?!?!?! think

Scaredy Kat said...

Not too young to start, I have a cousin who was born with a tooth? Go figure? I give my son teething tablets that dissolve naturally and immediately into his mouth and a lot quieter. Hylands The brand will buy at Wal-Mart and Sav On. Sounds like teething problems, you arms, I feel bad for both.

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