Female Elegant Suits Please Help Us Find Elegant Female Trouser Suits Or Something Similar For Our Wedding?

Please help us find elegant female trouser suits or something similar for our wedding? - female elegant suits

I am a woman and my partner and I married in March 2010 and we are looking for elegant trouser suits or traditional tunic and trousers that are very elegant (Ladies) or something that would be suitable for our day. We expect 100 wedding guests, spent the night. Please, please send links or ideas because they find the perfect dress for all to fail ... Thanks


Helicrea... said...

As you tried your guests, the night after I take something nice in a tissue during the night instead of business suits? And what is a salwar kameez? Indian women are envious of the gorgeous costumes, and as desired by the use of pants in the marriage, this beautifully decorated and led soft tissue appears to be a possibility.

Something like that?

http://www.bollywoodsalwarkameez.com/whi ...

Congratulations and a wonderful day.

Atheist (Thank god) said...

Want Some Mother May check local stores bridal dress. I do not know where you are, but if you choose in the vicinity of a large city has a good selection of shops to be.

Congratulations and good luck finding clothes!

Poodie said...

I think the best would be a place like Ann Taylor. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. :)

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