Who Does Hitsugaya End Up With -@nim3 Surv3y-poLL #6 (ÐǝɱǾήic βσy)...??!?

-@nim3 Surv3y-poLL #6 (ÐǝɱǾήic βσy)...??!? - who does hitsugaya end up with

I am surprised that I actually left to do with one another survey ..... at this time Now, here six (are Gah I have the pace to accelerate)

1. So .... Why Hitsugaya Toushiro is more like it:
a) Co-pal-"only" a man a friend, that's all
b) lovers ... He has the key to
c) study partner nerd ... Time to hit the books with him, is not it?
d) uugh'm ill to take care of him every day ... help me

2. Hm .. To provide for those of you who have already received, Christmas, do not get what you wanted? "- I do not know who to ... no" Christmas ", but = /

3. Your house is on fire. You are alone, if only the moon is visible, but you only see in a corner Luffy PlaYing your gameboy color .... What is your first step in this scenario? --- Wow, it was just a really random question from me

4. Trigun VS Dragonball voices .... and wins the team? * Drum *....... roll

5. Hmm, you have what it the largest harvester soul that has entered the planet ever?

6. Here the scene: you go on vacation (though ...), so you can choose two characters per person, and two objects / weapons / books / what is, so that in this festival.

7. Umm .. Or is it just me, or am one of the few people who do these things here ...? (less than ladies I am?)

8. Anime is very attached to you because your crap disappointed over?

Random question --
WH ....My favorite dessert? =)

* Pats on the back * yay I have six ... hey it's Christmas now, w00t.


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